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How To Map Whogohost Domain To Blogger Blog

(Last Updated On: July 27, 2019)

Do you have a Blogger blog? In other words, you’re still using yoursite.blogspot.com but you want to change it to yoursite.com?

Then you don’t have to worry because right now you are going to learn it without anyone having to do it for you. Which also means you are going to DIY (Do it yourself).

But before we start, I suppose you have already bought a domain from Whogohost? If not then check the post on How to buy domain name from Whogohost.

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If you already bought a domain name then let’s keep going.

Follow the steps carefully to map whogohost domain to your Blogger Blog.

How to Map Whogohost Domain to Blogger

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in to your Blogger and Whogohost Account

Step 2: From your Blogger Dashboard, Click on Settings >> Basic

Step 3: Now Select “+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog” as seen below

Step 4: Input the domain name you just bought from whogohost. make sure it starts with www. For example www.malegeek.com.ng and click save. You would receive an error. This is because they are not able to verify your configuration yet.

Keep reading:

Now you would be given two codes as seen below:

Don’t have an Idea?

No worries am going to teach you step-by-step. Now from your Whogohost Dashboard, Click on Domains from the Top and Select Manage DNS

You will need to Add a New Zone

1. Click on Add Zone

2. In the field for Zone name put your domain name e.g. malegeek.com.ng

3. In the field for IP Copy/Paste this google IP 

4. Click on Add Zone. your zone is now created but we are not done yet.

Keep reading below;

This time, you need to click on the Pencil edit icon next to the delete icon and you should have something similar to below

Click on Add Record (the button in blue) a box would pop up.

Now we need those error message from our blogger dashboard just follow below carefully:

  1. In the field for Name input the second cname (not the one with ghs.google.com)
  2. In the field for Type, select CNAME
  3. In the field for RDATA Paste the Target of the second CNAME
  4. Click Add Record. Below is the cnames you are to put.

Now we need to Add google IPs which are four in number. Follow below:

In the field for RDATA. Paste the below Google IPs. Do them one after the other by clicking on Add Records.


Make sure you select A as the Type throughout, not CNAME this time.

Finally click on Save Changes.

Now go back to your Blogger Dashboard and Click Save too. It should save successfully this time. If it doesn’t then you might have missed something. Follow it again. This is how to map whogohost domain to Blogger Blog.


If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting your own website yourself, you can follow this step by step tutorial and you’ll have your website online in 30 minutes or better yet, you can hire me.

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Cyrus Jackson


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