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How To Make Money Online With Amazon Kindle Publishing (Interview With Pius Joseph)

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2017)

Since I delved into Amazon kindle publishing early this year, it has really helped me establish another money-spinning web asset aside blogging.

You can now self-publish your book on the biggest online store on the planet: Amazon!

…and earn passive income for yourself even if don’t have a big name or have connections with publishing companies.

Courtesy of a platform introduced by Amazon called: Amazon Kindle Publishing!

Which encourages indie-authors write their books and publish on Amazon right from the comfort of their homes and earn royalties for sales of their books.

And I intend to motivate you with proofs that you too can do this: no matter who you are.

One of the strategies I plan to use is to interview as many best selling authors as possible that are killing it in the Amazon publishing business.

In this interview, which is the first to be published on SmartBloggingTips, my host is Mr. Pius Joseph, a very good friend of mine that gets a very fat monthly income, thanks to Amazon Kindle Publishing.

Pius Joseph

Best-selling Author On Amazon

He’s very smart and I’ve learnt a lot from him myself. So take your time and listen to what he will be sharing with us today.

His monthly income report makes me say: “Wow!” with my eyes bulging. (Don’t blame me, you’ll do the same if you know how much this guy makes from his Amazon publishing business every month)

Mr. Pius Joseph reveals some invaluable tips that’ll help you tap into Amazon kindle publishing and become successful.

Enjoy the interview:

It’s my pleasure to feature you on this blog, Smart Blogging Tips.

The pleasure is mine!

Kindly tell us your name and some brief information about your background?

My name’s Pius Joseph, author and writer. I’m also a lawyer by training.

When did you start Amazon Kindle publishing and which online business(es) are you majorly into?

Well, I started kindle publishing around 2016. That was when I published my first book called: Vision From The Heavenly.

I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write that book. However, I have written other self-help books too. Those books are on different niches and categories.

I’m into online publishing as a form of business.

About how many books do you have on the Amazon Kindle platform?

I have 3 books in the religious niche. However, the goal is not the number of books. It is to offer to customers: value. When you provide value, people will be willing to pay anything for it.

Are you making enough money from Amazon Kindle Publishing as you’ve always desired?

I’m always aspiring to make more money.

Based on your experience, in brief, sentences, kindly walk us through the whole process of becoming an avid Amazon Kindle publisher like you. In other words, briefly explain the steps involved.

Some people say Amazon is passive income. But if you go that way, you won’t make money from Amazon.

It takes a lot of diligence. From writing books, to editing, and then finally publishing.

It depends on what you want. If you want passive income that you can give passive attitude which will in turn bring in passive revenue… Amazon Kindle Publishing is for you!

It’s a serious business.

In summary, write a keyword based book.

What that means is that, before you write your book: you should do a research on what customers are searching for in the Amazon search bar and write on those topics: no one would buy what they don’t need.

If they need, they will be able to part with their money to buy your book.

What are those things one must have known before venturing into Amazon Kindle Publishing?

I’ll summarize Amazon publishing as: do a good research, provide quality content in your book that is free of errors, do a great book cover, write a good description and promote the book.

These are the things you must have to make money from Amazon publishing.

What are those factors that increases one’s chances of succeeding as an Amazon kindle publisher?

Write quality content, promote them and be hardworking.

Are you a best-selling author on Amazon?

Yes, some of my books are bestsellers. To be a best-selling author is not very hard on Amazon Kindle platform.

Simply optimize your category to achieve it: a book with a ranking of 20,000 or 25,000 can easily be a bestseller.

If you know the secret of category optimization and research the right category to place your book: you’ll be okay!

What promotional strategies can first-time authors use to help their book climb the Amazon ranks and become a bestseller?

For beginners, I suggest two promotional strategies: Free promotion which is for 5 days and the use of Perma Free books.

By Perma free, I mean permanently free books. The second strategy is best for those who have up to 5 books. You give one of your books and make it free on Amazon.

Then, insert the links to your other books in the Perma free book. When people download your Perma free book, they will see your other books and pay for them with money. It’ll give you exposure.

For first-time authors, this strategy is the best that I know of.

Now, what are the challenges one would face as an Amazon Kindle Publisher (especially as  a Nigerian or non-US native)?

As a Nigerian author, you must hide under a pen name. Something like Jack Churchill or Amanda Little.

However, I’m slowly coming to understand this concerning authors in some niches: if you provide value for what people want, no one cares where that solution is coming from provided it solves their problems.

So if you want to use your real name and you have good stuff to offer, you can do so.

I’ll only caution that you stay in one niche and build a reputation that even your name can become a keyword. Something like Pius Praying Guide.

You get the drift?

That’s only when you have won the trust of the buyers.

Now, as you know, this blog is aimed at helping people discover how to make money online. Kindle give your pieces of advice and words of motivation to those who are aiming to start Amazon Kindle Publishing professionally.

There is just one simple word I have to tell readers of this blog. If you need money from Amazon, it’ll pay you. However, you need patience. I remember my first ever earning was $15.

If I had quit and said it does not work, I would not be earning what I’m earning now.

Diligence and persistence pays in online publishing. Keep publishing and keep writing …if you’re looking for a quick money scheme, I’m sorry: Amazon will disappoint you.

It is a gradual process to make money online from Amazon. And have your books published in both e-books and paperbacks.

If there is any secret or golden advice you would give a new writer who wants to start this business, what would that advice be?

Don’t give up when your first or second book or even third book does not sell. I’ve books that stopped selling or books that I wrote for many months that have not sold a copy till today.

Again, don’t give up, keep writing.

Also, just like I said before: do your research, produce quality content and promote them.

Are there other valuable pieces of information you would like to share with us about writing and Amazon Kindle Publishing?

It’s just to learn the basics. Your formatting, your editing and if you’re not design-savvy, you should learn cover design.

Or else, you would need to outsource everything from writing to formatting, all the way to publishing and it’ll cost you.

Do you have a blog or website where one can check you out to learn more from you?

I’m working on that. But you can check out my YouTube page: PIUS JOSEPH.

It has a great formatting aid for beginners and even experts on how to format a book in 30 minutes and get it ready for Createspace.

Thank you very much for your time and your willingness to help others succeed.

You’re always welcome. Anytime you need me, I’ll be there to help concerning Amazon publishing. God bless you for the privilege to be interviewed on your blog.

Over to you…

Do you have any questions about Amazon Kindle publishing which was not covered by my guest? Feel free to drop them by leaving a comment below.

And don’t forget to spread the words about the post by clicking on the share buttons: be generous with information.

Updated: November 25, 2017 — 9:11 pm

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