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Free WordPress Installation Service

Do you want to start a website or blog but don’t know how? Then I can assist you! I’ll install and configure WordPress for you at no cost!

You no longer have any excuse for not starting  your website or blog. Are you interested?

Let’s get started!

The good news is as follows:

You can have a website or blog built for you! I’ll do it for you at no cost!

Yes, that’s not a typo.

I won’t charge you a penny!

I offer this free WordPress installation service to assist other small business owners and individuals in getting a WordPress powered website or blog up and running.

Because I remember when I was starting out with my first WordPress blog, I wasted lots of time tweaking WordPress issues and ending up not configuring my blog properly as it was just too overwhelming and nerve-racking for me.

Which explains why I created this free WordPress installation service to help as many beginners who find WordPress complicated but want to start a website for their business.

Installing and configuring WordPress on your own isn’t difficult, but you’ll need to know about things like ftp, databases, name servers, cpanel, permalinks, and so on.

Do you find this complicated?

WordPress is the world’s most popular and free website construction platform, powering almost 75 million websites (that’s 26% of all, yes, ALL, websites on the Internet).

Why is WordPress used?

Because WordPress is the following:

  • It’s open-source, which means it’s free, with no ongoing costs, software licenses, or anything else.
  • It is simple to learn, use, and is well supported.
  • Extendable with thousands of free themes and plugins.
  • SEO-friendly, quick-loading, and mobile-ready
  • One of the most secure platforms for hosting your website.

In fact, you can read this bombshell of a post where I reveal the most secrets most online entrepreneurs will not tell you about WordPress:

Suggested Post: 31 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress On Your Blog

You’ll be in good company because WordPress is used to power the websites and blogs of some of the world’s most well-known brands.

What’s the catch?

Because this appears to be too good to be true, how can you do this for free while other freelancers charge at least a couple of hundred dollars to install and configure WordPress?

It’s fairly straightforward. I’ll install and configure WordPress for free if you sign up for my recommended web hosting provider: Ipage.

You sign up for web hosting (for $2 per month) after all, you’ll need hosting for your WordPress site anyhow), and I get a commission.

That’s a win-win situation. You’ll get a professional blog setup and I’ll get small commission from Ipage


Ipage gives you:

  • A Free domain name registration for a year worth $15.
  • A free SSL certificate.
  • Free $200 Google ads credit to promote your website.
  • Unlimited bandwith.
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 99.9% uptime

This free WordPress installation service includes the following:


We would upload, install, and activate the most current version of WordPress


We would configure permalinks, disable comments and trackbacks and set up a strong username and password


We would install and activate a premium WordPress theme for you or any other one of your choice since there are several free themes in the WordPress repository.


We would install, activate, and configure the most important plugins for a WordPress blog which includes:

  • Yoast (SEO plugin)
  • Aksimet (Anti-spam plugin)
  • Ninja Forms (Contact form plugin)
  • Limit Login Attempts (Brute-force prevention plugin)
  • Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Privacy policy & TOS plugin)
  • Lazy Load XT (Image lazy loading plugin)
  • Cache Enabler (Disk caching plugin)
  • WPS Hide Login (Hide login page plugin)
  • Social Share Buttons (Social sharing plugin)
  • Shortcodes Ultimate (Shortcodes plugin)
  • BackUpWordPress (Automated backup plugin)

Web Pages

We would create the following web pages for you:

  • Contact page with a working contact form
  • Privacy policy & terms page

Google Analytics & Search Console (we install and setup Google Analytics & Google Search Console for you)

Okay, let’s do this!

Yes, I want to get WordPress installed and set up for free, so what happens next?

  • Click the link here below and you’ll be taken to a step-by-step instructions page:

  • With the web hosting referral link you must use.
  • How to sign up for your Ipage hosting account step by step with screenshots to guide you along.
  • And a contact form to fill out so that I would get all the necessary details I need from you to start configuring your website right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I Need More Help?

WordPress is super easy and fun to learn and use. Once the WordPress software has been installed and configured (i.e. the hard work is out of the way thanks to this free WordPress installation service) creating web pages and blog posts are a breeze.

If you know how to use MS Word then you’ll be able to publish content using WordPress. It’s that simple.

We’ll also tell you where you can find the best and most popular video training courses when it comes to learning and mastering WordPress.

Why Should I Use Your Service?

Because we intimately know (and love) WordPress. This site right here, digital.com, is powered by WordPress and serves as great example of what can be accomplished using this awesome free site building tool.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get WordPress installed and setup on your domain name, for free.

What’s not included?

Anything that is not listed on the list above. This free WP installation and setup service excludes any form of custom design, coding and content creation.

We can’t help you with any theme or plugin customization work, we can’t change colors or fonts and we can’t write or create any content or images. We are also unable to provide you with any on-going support.

Will My Site Be Optimized For Search Engines?

Yes, your site will be optimized for the search engines like Google. Because we configure search engine friendly URLs, we install and configure an SEO plugin that will create search engine optimized metadata tags and it will generate an XML Sitemaps.

How Long Does It Take Before My Site Is Ready?

Your WordPress powered site will be ready within three business days (i.e. Mon-Fri). As soon as you have signed up for web hosting with our partner Ipage, you’ll need to give us access to the web host.

We’ll start installing WordPress and setting up your site as soon as we have the necessary info. Everything will be explained in more details in the instructions we’ll give you.

Is This Safe And Secure?

Yes, totally!

You will need to give us access to the web host control panel (also called cPanel) so that we can login and install, and setup WordPress.

We will not keep any of the login information about accessing your web host that you give us. Once WordPress has been set up we’ll delete this information.

Also. We will give you step-by-step instructions on how can change all your logins and passwords, meaning we will no longer have any access to your site.

What If I Already Have A Domain Name?

If you already have a domain name and don’t want to take up the offer of a free domain name from our web hosting partner (IPage), plus free $200 coupon credits to advertise on Google, then you need to change the nameserver settings for your domain name where it’s registered (e.g. GoDaddy or Namecheap).

Sounds complicated?

Don’t worry, because we’ll give you step-by-step instructions that will tell you exactly what you need to do.

What If I Already Have Web Hosting?

To be eligible for this free WordPress installation and setup service you must sign up for web hosting from our web hosting partner which is Ipage.

We are sorry but we can’t setup and install WordPress for you for free if you already have web hosting elsewhere.

So, click on the “Get Started” button right away before I bring down this page!


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