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Amazon Kindle Publishing: How To Become A Best-Selling Author On Amazon (Interview With Amoo Samuel)

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2018)

Since, I published my first interview with Pius Joseph where he shared valuable information on how to make money publishing on Amazon kindle. I’ve been looking to invite other publishers to also come and share their experience and show one can tap into the amazon kindle publishing business.

And I’ve got great news for you:

I just finished interviewing Mr. Amoo Samuel, a best-selling author on Amazon to reveal how he achieved this feat.

Trust me, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw his monthly income report so make sure you take your time to listen to what he will be sharing with us today because you’ll definitely not find it anywhere on the internet.

Enjoy the interview:

It’s my pleasure to feature you on this blog, SmartBloggingtTips

Thank you, Cyrus.

Kindly tell us your name and some brief information about your background

I am Mr. Amoo Samuel. I studied Physics Electronics at the Federal University of Technology, Akure. I’m based in Lagos. I am the first male child of my parents. I have two elder sisters and 2 younger brothers.

When did you start Amazon Kindle Publishing and which online business(es) are you majorly into?

I started Amazon Publishing in the year 2015, June precisely, but I lost my account (the account was terminated in November for terms and conditions violation which happened based on my ignorance). I started it all over again after years of research on my own majorly in the month of June, 2017.

My major business for now is Book publishing …and cryptocurrency investment.

About how many books do you have on Amazon?

I have over 50 books now on Amazon.

Are you making enough money from Amazon Kindle Publishing as you always desired?

I’ll say YES and also NO. The reason for yes is that, my income is far much enough to pay the salary of 3 bank staff conveniently.

While the reason for NO is that, human is insatiable. We can always desire to earn more. To God Almighty be the glory.

Based on your experience, in brief sentences, kindly walk us through the whole process of becoming an avid Amazon Kindle publisher like you. In other words, briefly explain the steps involved.

Writing and publishing books goes beyond earning, it’s more of passion and relentless effort. The first step to publishing is creating Amazon’s Kindle Publishing account, sit back and write on what you’re good at (not leaving behind the need for your area of specialty) i.e a topic you know you can’t go blank at after writing few 10 pages), do your keyword research which will simultaneously lead you to what title to use for your book with respect to what the targeted buyers are looking for, design your cover, format your book for Kindle Publishing and then upload your book.

NB: Book publishing is not a get rich quick scheme, so don’t feel depressed if the book you spent most effort on doesn’t sell, but the least expected book may be your savior.

More so, there’s a need for pervent research on what book readers are searching Amazon for. The best tip I can give you is to write books that will meet the needs of people. Be a solution to their problems, and you’ll be surprised at what the outcome would be.

What are those things one must have known before venturing into Amazon Kindle Publishing?

One need to know how to write and type with either Microsoft Word, should be good at English Language writing for the sake of proofreading and editing, being a graphic designer is an option if you can afford to pay designers out there for your cover designs, and lastly be a passionate researcher.

What are the factors that increase one’s chances of succeeding as an Amazon Kindle publisher?

  1. Do more research on what is trending which ranges from products selling well, intense keywords research, good marketing strategies, etc.
  2. Write based n what the target book buyers needs per time and not what you feel you should write.
  3. Put God first and trust him totally.
  4. Stay focused and avoid distractions of jumping from one money making opportunity to another.
  5. Lastly, make sure you add values to yourself on daily basis, by so doing, you’ll grow faster and have refined skills that will take you up the ladder of greatness.

Are you a best-selling author on Amazon?

Yes, although the algorithm changes hourly but I can say I’ve had over 12 books that won the best selling book badge on Amazon.

What promotional strategies can first-time authors use to help their books climb the Amazon’s ranks and become a best seller?

Good and less competitive back-end keywords are the best shot they shot they can ever have including a good ad well viewed categories mixed with less competitive categories. The reason for popular categories is to gain more exposure. Mixture of both popular and less popular categories is another important factor.

Now, what are the challenges one would face as an Amazon Kindle Publisher? (Especially as a Nigerian)

There are no special challenges accrued to any country on Amazon except for Tax payment which is just 30% of monthly income.

As you know, this blog is aimed at helping Nigerians (and the world at large) discover how to make money online. Kindly, give your pieces of advice and words of motivation to those who are aiming to start Amazon Kindle Publishing professionally.

Firstly, I’ll advice you to discover your purpose, and take every bold steps required to fulfill that purpose.

NB: A person doing business inline with his or her purpose has better chance of success than someone doing business based on trend and traditions. The bottom line is that, you should discover your purpose firstly, and stay focused on fulfilling it. Success is going to be certain for you.

And if you find your purpose in writing and solving problems, get up and keep writing tirelessly and always see each book you write as a lifetime asset. Don’t feel discourages if you make no sales within the first few months.

I have once had 100 books in 2014 but fetching me $50 monthly (what a very bad and discouraging income) but I never gave up and today I have over 50 books and I’m making well over $1,500 averagely on monthly basis.

If there is any secret or golden advice you’d give new writer who ants to start this business, what would that be?

Be a problem solver and a smart writer.

Are there other valuable pieces of information you would like to share with us about writing and Amazon Kindle Publishing?

None for now.

Do you have a blog/website where one can check you out?

I have but not ready to unleash that for Nigerians.

Thanks you very much for your time and willingness to help others succeed.

All glory to God.

Over to you…

Do you have any questions about Amazon Kindle publishing which was not covered by my guest? Feel free to drop them by leaving a comment below.

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