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About Me

Yeah, you finally found me!

Welcome to SmartBloggingTips.

Professional Blogger, Best-Selling Author

My name’s Cyrus Jackson, a passionate blogger, best-selling author and the author of this blog.

I’ve always been a big fan of working from home without going through the hassles of a time-consuming day job.

But the truth is: I couldn’t find the right information to guide me towards that direction, so I simply ‘Googled’ the word: “how to make money online” and found numerous sales pages making various get-rich-schemes at the click of a button.

Being a newbie, I bought one of the e-books from a self-proclaimed expert and I was totally disappointed when it was delivered.

It was terribly designed and full of shitty content that got me confused, rather than enlighten.

When I tried contacting the author, I got the greatest shock of my life:

“…You’re to implement it on your own, I bought it myself – so go do some Google search”

Can you imagine?

Someone claiming to be an expert, when he practically knows nothing about how to make money online.

With this, I dismissed that making money online was a big fat scam and those that ventured in it were long-nosed scammers.

However, in 2013, my perception changed when I luckily stumbled upon a blog ran by Abass Toriola and later found Akaahan Terungwa.

Whatever I’ve achieved today, I owe it to these two great coaches and many others. The scales were finally lifted and that was the starting point for my online career.

Though, I’m not yet a millionaire, I earn a decent income from affiliate marketing and Amazon Kindle publishing.

…and yes: I’m a best-selling author on the biggest online store in the world: Amazon!

You can check out my Author profile to see all my books on Amazon.

Now, enough of my story. Let’s talk about how I can help you, my dear reader.

My aim with this blog is to help as many people as I can to turn their passion into a profitable online business, make money online ethically and reach financial stability.

I started SmartBloggingTips to offer readers what I wished I had when I started out: a proven road map to follow!

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To help you achieve this, I’ll constantly share proven ways to make money blogging right that reflects my personal experiences in various online businesses.

I hate lies, scam and deception. That’s not my style.

Making money online is not quite easy as eating a piece of cake. It requires the right guidance, a lot of hard work, financial investment and a determined mind.

That’s the fact!

I believe in doing things ethically to sustain the success in the long run and that’s exactly what I will be sharing with you on the blog.

With time, I hope to make this blog an authoritative empire where people can get resourceful information regarding making money online.

Does this spark your interest?

Then, join my free 15-day blogging crash course where I show you how to build a successful blog right from scratch, even you’re just starting out or you know nothing about building an online business.

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Talk to you soon,

Cyrus Jackson.


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  1. This is funny becos I have fallen into those schemes too

    1. Hy Emmanuel,
      Yea… very funny and painful experience I must tell you. Would you love to share your story as a guest post on this blog.

      I’m very curious to hear what really transpired.

      1. Yeah sure I will

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